Whether your business is big or small, having customer support is something you should always consider for your company. There are many reasons why this is a must, and if your business is customer oriented, you should greatly consider doing this if you haven’t already. Whether you are selling products or providing services to your customers, having a portal where they can get in touch with you when needed and whenever necessary is something that can benefit not only them, but your business as well.

Why should you consider having 24-hour customer support for your enterprise? Here are a few of the reasons:

Increases customer satisfaction – when your clients can get in touch with you at any time of the day or night with their concerns, you are essentially telling them that they matter. Giving your customers the idea that they are important to your business (and they are) increases their satisfaction in your company. This in turn ushers in a few other benefits, and these include their remaining loyal to your brand, and recommending your company to others, which is not at all bad to your bottom line.

Helps you resolve issues as soon as possible – another good thing about having 24-hour customer service available to your clients is that you can resolve any issues they may have with your business as soon as possible. This will mean that problems would not go beyond what is being experienced at the moment, and issues that may cause more problems if left unattended will be out of your hair quickly.

Can mean more revenues for your business – not all customer support calls are actually people complaining about your products or services. Some of these are actually inquiries regarding what you offer, with some callers asking for clarifications, more details, and even to ask for recommendations regarding what you are offering. If you do not have a portal that can quickly answer these queries, you will actually lose quite a bit of revenue to your competitors who have a 24-hour portal for customers’ needs.

Businesses That Cannot Do Without 24/7 Customer Support

While it is recommended that most businesses have an always on customer support portal, there are some that may decide to not have one just yet. There are a few industries however that cannot and should not ignore this need, and these include the following:

When products and services can be used or availed of round the clock – companies that offer products or services that can be used any time of day will definitely need an outlet that people can get in touch with should issues arise.

When your products and services are offered internationally – if your market is global, then you definitely need 24-hour customer support. This is because of the fact that your clients are in time zones that have them awake at any time of your day.

When you deal with time sensitive products or services – an example of this would be airline companies. Tickets for flights have to be used on a specific date and time, and if issues with the ticket or the flight arise moments before travel time, customers need to be able to contact customer service from where they are to resolve the issues they face.

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