Why choose us?

We have one mission: To generate demand for your product or service. Sound over-simplified? Maybe, but, maybe not. It's easy to find advertising that’s flashy but lacks strategy, or, conversely, a campaign that demonstrates solid strategy that is weakened by mediocre creativity and branding.

But, a campaign that doesn't have everything will never generate the kind of demand your business needs and ... deserves. You deserve a firm that takes the time to learn about you, your industry and your customers.

Of course, we, too, are enamored by witty headlines and eye-catching design; in fact, we strive for it. But, ensuring that every component of a good campaign is represented is what you can expect from us.

Company Profile

ISC is an advertising agency providing full scale marketing and advertising services., we have consistently garnered successful outcomes for clients through strategy creative and aggressive marketing.

Advertising has long gone beyond campaigns in traditional media. With the Internet Boom and its conversion as a vast network of communication and exchanges between users, companies have had to adapt to this in order to survive.

To get navigators to know our brand, find us and finally enter our house you can work in two ways: through organic positioning (SEO) and the positioning through sponsored links (SEM), which is usually done using Google Adwords .

SEO Basically it consists in the creation of quality content and appear as high as possible in search engines through user searches. SEM, On the other hand, it is the payment for appearing our ad or link in the search engines.

What are the objectives?

The Strategy SEM (Search Engine Marketing) It is based on the search that a user makes and in the results our announcement can appear if they are related to our subject.

Before starting a campaign in SEM it is necessary to know exactly what you want to achieve and, then, assess the different strategies and options that exist.

Basically the goals can be to increase the number of sales through the web, improve the positioning and the brand image or obtain a direct return between the investment for the campaign and the results.

What do they mean?

Branding: It is having the ability to create a brand image, know what identifies you, show some principles and values ​​and the ability to get an emotional connection with the user.

Web traffic : It's about getting the number of readers of our blog or page and increasing your commitment and loyalty with us.

One of the principles of advertising is knowing who you are targeting and with Google Adwords you can geographically segment where you want your ads to appear. Determine it in linguistic areas, based on regions or nations you want to address, etc.

Within the different announcements within the campaign you can create different groups with their related and specific keywords. This is positive within the positioning of the ads and are more relevant and interesting for the user.

Remove negative keywords and be creative

In order to better segment the search results of our potential followers / clients, you can associate with our keywords a series of words that we do not want to be associated with user searches.

Creativity is still necessary for a campaign to be successful. Having the ability to write a slogan or phrase that captures the attention of Internet users is essential for the success of a campaign.

Each payment model depends on the different strategies and objectives of the advertising campaign, aspects that are constantly evolving and where you can train and specialize with the Master in SEM, PPC and Search Engine Marketing.

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